How To Extend Your Car Floor Mats Lifetime?

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Although their importance is underestimated, car floor mats are indispensable accessories meant to prevent your car interior from getting stained by soil, humidity, slush, and all sorts of other dirtying substances. Whenever your car carpets do get extensively soiled, they are an open door for the proliferation of an uncountable number of persistent smell-inducing bacteria. […]

Custom Car Mats: Why Customize Your Car Floor Mats?

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A beautiful car is not solely about exterior looks. Its interior matters, too, more than you would think, as not only does it complement it esthetically, but moreover it offers overall greater comfort. Why not blend both style and convenience by opting for personalized car floor mats? There exist many different ways one can go […]

Best Mats For Cars: How And What To Choose?

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Whether universal or fitted Toyota or BMW floor mats specifically designed for a precise model, car mats are great at keeping your car interior both clean and protected against wear. There is no shortage of models and materials, either! To ensure maximum and durable protection of your car floor, however, and before making your final […]

A Guide To Cleaning Your Car Floor Mats

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While the molded carpet and floor mats of your car are made of absorbing materials, dirt will eventually accumulate, which will, over a long enough time, penetrate further into the fibers and make it a real-life nightmare for you to clean off. Even a protective rubber mat will not prevent your carpet from getting soiled […]