How often should you Replace Your Car Floor Mats?

Any driver should know when and how to get their car floor mats replaced. After all, we use and abuse them daily: we break and accelerate, we dirty them with all the mud and soil stuck underneath our feet, etc. While they can seemingly take a beating, how long can they last before they ultimately need replacing? 

Because let us not forget: car mats not only protect the fragile rugs that cover the interior floor, but they help keep your car fresh and clean as well. Moreover, a car interior in pristine condition that shows no damage is always a strong argument when reselling a car.

Telltale signs your car floor mats require a replacement

Besides ensuring the interior is well protected from dirt and damage to the rugs, car floor mats serve as a central piece of driving safety. They may not seem like much to your average car owner, but long-distance drivers know the dangers of a worn-out mat that starts rolling up right under the pedals, consequently hindering their ability to break all the way through.

If you are not planning on parting ways with your car anytime soon, then review the state of your mats from time to time to ensure, your aesthetic taste aside, that you do not spot any signs of wear and tear. To help you determine whether you should consider getting a new set of mats installed in place of your older one, below is a handy list of signs to be on the lookout for.

Your car floor mats need URGENT replacing

    • When the mat, as seen in the previous paragraph, blocks your access to the pedals, because it is either stuck underneath them or covers them entirely. Consequently, you could be prevented from breaking or involuntarily speeding up due to a misplaced mat.
    • When the stitching is partially coming off or has come off entirely. While secondary for the passenger and rear mats, this is particularly important if noticed on the driver mat. If left as is, your heel could very easily get hooked and make it all the more difficult for you to break and control your vehicle.

  • When your mats - specifically the driver, in that case - start coming off the rug they are supposed to be solidly attached to. Once a mat comes loose and no longer sticks to the car flooring, it can go right, left, and center and pose serious safety risks when driving.
  • Not solely a purely aesthetical problem, a mat dotted with holes and tears will equally hinder your ability to drive with the necessary caution. These holes, depending on their size, could, for example, make it harder for you to rest your heel and, ultimately, prevent you from positioning it adequately or even, in the worst-case scenario, cause it to get stuck altogether. Plus, postponing the replacement of a worn-out mat will expose your rugs to extensive damage.

Worn-out car floor mats: best get them replaced!

  • If you have ever had a set of universal one-size-fits-all mats installed in your car, then surely you know that they rarely cover up all the rug underneath and tend to leave areas exposed to all sorts of dirt and debris. Over time, with enough neglect and repeated friction, holes will start showing on these unprotected areas of your car rug.
  • Whenever your mats start coming loose and sway from side to side, not only do they pose a risk to your safety and that of others, but they leave some parts of your car floor rug bare. With enough time, said areas will start deteriorating, rapidly showing signs of wear and tear if left unchecked.
  • “You never get a second chance to make a first impression", as the saying goes. That could not be closer to the truth when planning on selling a car. The more presentable your car is, the greater the likelihood of attracting serious buyers. Therefore, before you even think of putting it on sale, double-check your interior cautiously and do the necessary cleaning. Car accessories, in that regard, such as custom-fit floor mats, are a great way to enhance your car, maximize your chances of finding the right buyer, and ultimately strike a deal!

How does one go about replacing their car floor mats?

First and foremost, pick the best possible quality within your available budget. Know that not all materials offer the same degree of comfort, though. For obvious economic constraints, most car owners generally go for universal one-size-fits-all options, which are neither the most comfortable nor the best suited. They do cost less, however, and get the job done for as long as they last.

Although pricier, at LuxAutoMat, we do recommend that you get custom-fitted car floor mats made. If your car model is not too old, you had better call on your dealer, as they must have the corresponding mats in stock. If not, there is always the option of customizing floor mats for your specific car model, be it a Mercedes, a Fiat, a Honda, a Ford, a Tesla, and whatnot.

5 Steps to replacing your car floor mats

First off, begin by taking off the old mats that need replacing, as you will need to get your car interior and rugs cleaned up. If you spot any dirt stains embedded deep in the fabric, a little water and some good floor mat cleaning solution should do the trick. Ensure that the rug has completely dried up before proceeding with the 5 following steps:
    1. Before laying down your new set of floor mats, always generously brush them, as they can hold dust residue from the factory.
    2. To each part of the car interior corresponds its dedicated mat. To best avoid mistaking one for the other, lay them before you on the ground. That way, you will be able to differentiate them easily. If the shape and dimensions are not enough of an indication, most mats come with a tag that specifies their intended place in the car. Typically, the shorter the mat, the most likely it is that they belong to the rear; and the longer they are, to the front.
    3. Once dusted off and sorted, place them where they belong, right at the feet of each seat.
    4. Make the necessary adjustments. Check that no pieces of the mats overwhelm the pedals or seat. They should fit neatly and lay flat.

Black Leather & White Stitching Car Floor Mats Set

  1. Double-check whether the driver mat is in the proper position, as to avoid obstruction and bulges. If installed successfully, you should have full access to the pedals and feel comfortable reaching for them.
And there you have it! We hope to have helped guide you through these different steps. Feel free to shoot us a message, should you need more car floor mat tips and tricks!