When Should Your Car Floor Mats Be Replaced?

Because a car gets you through the different seasons all year round, whether it shines, rains, freezes, or snows, floor mats are a must, as they protect your car flooring from all sorts of associated soil, dirt, and other debris! While all-weather mats are designed to sustain bad yearly weather conditions, there inevitably comes a time when even the sturdiest mats start showing signs of wear and tear, unfortunately.

Not all mats have the same lifespan, however! Although the most commonly sold worldwide, universal car floor mats will not last nearly as long as a custom-fitted set, generally speaking. How often, then, should you think of replacing your old flooring mats? What are the telltale signs they need replacing? Let us find out!  


Why replacing your car floor mats is necessary!

There is no avoiding it: your floor mats will eventually get soiled, and even more rapidly when weather conditions are particularly horrid outside! But your car flooring needs them, as they shield it against damage and ensure that your feet will not slip while you are on the road. Suffice it to say, not only do you need a good set of them, but you even more so need to know when to get them replaced for maximum protection of your car interior.

Out of all the mats installed in your car, the floor mat on the driver's seat side will deteriorate the most over time. And you will be able to tell without investigating much. First, you will most likely start noticing signs of it wearing out, as it slowly becomes misshapen because of extensive use. It will also gradually lose its adhesive property and start sliding under your feet as you cruise around in your car.

That can be particularly hazardous, as you will have guessed! Once it loses its grip, your unrestrained mat can curl up right underneath your pedals and hinder your ability to hit the breaks firmly enough when needed.

Other signs can indicate extensive wear as well.

Does your car floor mat have holes?

Have you started noticing holes in your floor mats? No matter how small, this is a strong alert for you to get rid of them without delay and get another set installed in their place! Acting as a protective layer, any liquid or dirt that bleeds through a car floor mat could lead to permanent staining of the rug flooring underneath. Not only could it promote moss proliferation and cause unpleasant odors but moreover make it twice as difficult for you to resell your vehicle afterward. Best, therefore, clean and maintain your car floor mats and invest in the best-adapted set for your car.

Do your car floor mats tend to roll up?

That is yet another unmistakable sign that your mats need replacing as soon as possible! It is both frustrating, as you will end up spending your time trying to flatten them back constantly, and tremendously unsafe, especially if this happens to the mat on the driver's seat side. Not only will it not fit your car floor neatly but more importantly, and as seen before, when this happens, it can very well block your pedals and prevent you from safely breaking, endangering your life and the life of others consequently. 


Opt for good-quality car floor mats

Now that you know just how dangerous old, used-up car floor mats could potentially be for you and other road users when left as is, always be on the lookout for any visible tear and wear, and do not hesitate to ditch your damaged mats!

Which ones should you then buy? Firstly, and as for anything of high quality, keep in mind that you will have to spend a bit more. However, it is worth it, as not only will you be able to get yourself a set made for your car brand but, more importantly, one that is custom-fitted to the features of your specific model as well. That way, you will not risk picking the wrong type or having newly-bought mats wander around dangerously when you are on the road.


Pieces of advice

A good rule of thumb is to always go for floor mats made of resistant material and stay clear of fragile, easily worn-out entry-level mats. Another valuable piece of advice is to prefer mats that have both reinforced pads for your heels and fasteners to keep them from bailing on you unexpectedly. 


Quality car flooring mats are an added value

As briefly touched upon in another article, not only do car accessories embellish your car interior, but items such as high-end floor mats are sure to get your car noticed much quicker by potential buyers. It will get even more traction if your interior is adorned with custom-made floor mats that fit the specificities of your car model like a charm!

Sure, mats protect your flooring, but they can also complement it quite nicely. Why not, then, add that special personal touch to your interior?

Lux Auto Mat: Luxurious custom-fitted car floor mats

While, safety-wise, substituting your old, tired mats with a brand new set of fitted floor mats is sure to give you noticeable peace of mind, you will thank yourself for adding accessories that also give your car interior that one-of-a-kind look! Today's market is not short of car floor mat models - all-weather, diamond-stitched, rolled-edge, rubber, or leather-made, you name it!

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