Why Put Floor Mats In Your Car?

When one acquires a brand new vehicle, this instant need of pampering it with all sorts of protective car accessories and gadgets kicks in right away: car seat covers and cushions, cleaning kit, car door protectors, car organizers, ambient car lighting, and whatnot.   

Among these diligent owners, some might swear only by the necessity to get all seats covered, while others may prefer leaving the original seats untouched, for example. The same goes for floor mats: some owners go the extra mile and install fitted ones, while others choose rubber mats instead.

While caring for your car is perfectly normal, how many of these accessories are truly necessary? And why care about car floor mats? Are they useful at all? Let us delve into this matter, shall we?

Flooring mats protect the interior of your car

Your car is freshly out of the factory. It is sparkling, it is immaculate, and it has got this distinct smell of new leather. You certainly do not want that to change one bit!

Logically, you think about ensuring none of the dirt you carry under your shoes spoils that shiny and spotless interior, as over time, the repeated contact with the original carpeting of your car flooring will cause tearing.

That is when car floor mats come in handy! There is a wide array available, too: all-weather mats, rubber mats, fitted diamond-stitched mats, etc. The list is as long as the options are plenty. Some are great for heavy-duty vehicles, while others, luxurious, add a touch of elegance to your chevy or BMW.

Car flooring mats: indispensable for road safety

While they do effectively protect your interior from damage, car floor mats are, more importantly, designed to secure your driving experience. If they do not also feature fasteners, most higher-end mats are coated with an anti-slip layer that grips on the floor and ensures that they will not go sliding right, left, and center while you are on the road. 


How to choose the best floor mats for your car?

First off, we would highly advise against cheap entry-level supermarket alternatives. The reason for that is quite simple, in fact: to save up as much money as feasible on production, manufacturers tend to neglect the grip-coated bottom surface of said mats, which ultimately causes them to drift as you drive, which could, if they ever get stuck underneath your pedals, pose a potential safety hazard.

It is, therefore, best to only buy mats designed for your car model, be it a Toyota, a Chevrolet, a BMW, a Kia, or a Jeep.

Pick a car floor mat that is sturdy

Is it at all surprising if, of all the mats in your car, the driver mat will most likely be first to show signs of wear and tear? As more often than not, drivers are not only the sole passenger in the car, but they also extensively use the pedals, causing repeated friction and, consequently, damage over time. In response, modern manufacturers have a habit of reinforcing that one area where your heel rests, which supposedly helps increase the lifespan of these floor mats. 

Take a car floor mat that is easy to maintain

If you are especially not keen on doing a routine clean-up of your car, let alone its interior, then you had better choose a mat that is the least prone to being soiled. Rubber or leather mats, for example, are among the easiest to clean: a bit of shaking and some quick vacuum cleaning, and voilà, you are good to go!

Should there ever be more tenacious stains, applying some baking soda and working it into the material is generally all there is to it. Although more expensive, car cleaning kits are also an option for the more meticulous. Sometimes, however, it is just time to discard your old mats and get new ones installed!

Good car mats are added value

It is worth noting that a car with added features is almost every time guaranteed to resell at a higher price, particularly when buyers are demanding, as it shows how properly you have been taking care of your car.

How about opting for custom-made car mats?

Coffee Leather Mats & Coffee Coils Car Floor Mats Set

 Not long ago, mats were still pretty much seen as a functional car accessory and nothing else. Now that more options have popped up on the market, the offer has noticeably widened and diversified, presenting drivers with pieces that are not only practical but that have also esthetically improved, to the point where they have become a go-to item for originality seekers.

Car owners can now freely play with all sorts of material, finish, color, and design configurations to find the right fit for their vehicle.

Tips on what to prioritize

As a reference, here are a few pieces of advice:
  • Pick a set of mats that are thick enough for better sturdiness ;
  • Avoid light-colored mats, as they are more visibly dirty ;
  • Look for solid stitching to extend your car floor mats lifetime.

Lux Auto Mat: custom-fitted car floor mats

Hopefully, you will have understood by now how important it is to get floor mats installed. Never wait for your flooring to collect gravel and soil and suffer irreversible damage, and give your car interior a fresh look by covering it with mats that are not only tailored to the specificities of your car model but look and feel premium! Safety, quality, and elegance are three cardinal words that qualify our line of high-end custom-made car floor mats! Browse our online catalog for the best quality-price ratio mat options out there. Discover one of the largest and unique selections of luxurious leather, all-weather, diamond-stitched floor mats, and get your set tailored and personalized to match your style and needs!